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Biomimicry - Waste Management: Part 3

For my project this week, I explored various design methods by going through Hanington & Martin's, " Universal Methods of Design". This book is a compilation of various design methods that can be used to create your prototype. I decided to stick with the method of sketching since it is a familiar method and quicker for me to visualize. While sketching, I looked at the ideas we previously discussed regarding a fridge, app, or removable feature that allows us to insert the structure in the fridge.

During this week's discussion with my group, we also talked about the stakeholders of interest which would be food pantries across the borough of Brooklyn. We've identified some limitations and strains within these pantries which would be the amount of food they can provide. Many pantries don't have enough food and there are also law restrictions that prevent certain foods from being distributed. With this problem, we saw a way to connect food waste and hunger with these organizations. If we are able to create an app the is linked to a camera in the fridge at the pantries, users will be able to see what space is available within their area.

Our plan is to create a few questions in a survey that will help us identify the need within each pantry. As we collect the responses to our questions, it will help us to get a stronger sense of what is needed in this area and how we can create a solution for both issues. We have researched that there are 152 pantries in Brooklyn as well as other food-providing facilities that can be affected positively by this product. I'm also thinking there may be a benefit of using a research method that allows the pantries to try out a physical prototype of our product just to see how it would work and where some pain points may occur.

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