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Biomimicry - Waste Management: Part 6 (Final)

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

It's time! We have finally completed our project. After over 5 weeks we came up with a design that we are proud of. Our research gathered from our survey and card sort activity provides us with enough information to create a product that benefits the user and the community.

Biomimicry design/tech inspired by Silvertip Grizzly Bear (scent) & Honeycomb (design)

App Name: SilverTip

Silvertip Grizzly Bear: Located in North America. Known for being able to detect food from miles away and a sense of smell stronger than a bloodhound. They have more smell receptors than any land animal and the scent-detecting area of their nose is a hundred times larger than a human's.

Honey Comb Design Benefits: High strength and performance, ability to expand and contract with specific materials,

Prototype: Mat designed with honeycomb shape for versatility (can expand and contract to fit the shape of any fridge), scent sensors are installed into a mat that detects gases released from produce (ethylene) when the ripening process begins and expiring meat (ammonia).

Sensors: The sensitivity of the sensors will allow it to detect the gases released by food before it becomes noticeable to a human nose. It will be able to detect multiple gases released by food when they are about to expire. The strength of each gas will determine the stage of expiration the food is in (Low, Med, High). There will be five sensors installed in each mat. (Top left, Top right, Center, Bottom left, Bottom right).

Mobile App: App can be installed on any Android or IOS device. Features will include a map function displaying all the communities fridges near the user as well as clickable links to the community fridges below the map to find out specific information (Ex. directions, website, history) There will also be an updates page where the scent sensors will funnel all updates to when gas is detected.

How it works: When gas is detected an update will be sent to the app on your mobile device that food has entered the phase of expiration. Users will be able to use the map function of the app to find a community fridge closest to them and donate the excess food before it expires.

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