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On The Move!

Ever felt like you needed a change? Like you weren't really feeling fulfilled with the choices you've made in your life? Well, in 2018, I made a really bold decision ( after a careful and extensive thought process, of course). I decided I should leave my job and go on a journey of self-discovery and find my career path. It had dawned on me after being at my job for a year that I wasn't exactly happy where I was and it also wasn't going to lead me to a path that I might be comfortable with in the future. I learned that remaining in one place was not in my nature and I needed the freedom to move around. I also have a desire to travel the world and the country. Knowing all of these things, I knew had make a change. I put my two weeks in and couldn't wait to get started on my journey.

I receive a lot of support from friends and family before and after making this decision. There were obviously some that thought it was crazy but what can I say I was going to do what I wanted anyway. I had a plan thought out and I was determined to act on it. This did not involved sitting at home and doing nothing. I was and still am on the move all the time every day. I've been to Chicago, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Rhode Island so far. My next move is to get to California. The only hold up is I'm not a great driver so If I don't want to run anyone over, I'm going to have to practice as much as I can. I intended on just ubering around but I was told that was a terrible idea. Oo well!

Now this all may sound great to some but I wouldn't recommend doing this on the whim. It is important to understand your current situation and how the decision you make will change your life in the next couple of months. And I'm talking bill, bills, bills. Make sure you have saved up enough money to fund this type of journey. A support system also works if you are living at home or have great friends. Anyway until next time my loves :) ...

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