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Time Capsule Part I

This project took a lot of thought and several days to fully decide what I wanted to include in my Time Capsule. While looking around my home for objects that meant something to me, I also realized I have quite a few things that I should have let go a while ago. I toyed with things like jewelry and important family pieces that I later decided were a bit too personal. Then I looked at old toys, books, gadgets and found four items that I could not only tell a story about but that the right amount of attachment that could be released. Each story, in my opinion, felt meaningful enough to appeal to other hundreds of years from now.They would get a clear picture of important parts of my life as well as a broader understanding outside of my world. The items I chose were the computer game, The Sims 4, one right-sided baby shoe, a small clay cup, and the novel, All About Love, written by Bell Hooks. Each item has a deeper meaning than its overall function.

My baby shoe is the only wearable item that I own from when I was an infant and I only have one side. I took my first steps in these shoes and that is when I experienced another piece of freedom. Next is The Sims 4 game takes be all the way back to grade school when the first Sims came out. I was completely obsess with the game and spent hours playing it every day after school.

Then there was the book, All About Love, by Bell Hooks that changed my perspective about the ways we experience and perceive. The traumas that are unfortunately connected to it and how we can start the process of unlearning harmful habits. This book came at a very important time in my life and is a stable in my personal library. Lastly, the small clay cup, what could this cup possibly mean to me some might think? For me it means peace. Traveling is one of my loves in life and last year I was hindered from traveling freely due to covid. I eventually found my way to Mexico where I lived for a couple months where I purchased that cup. Peace found me there and I will always hold the experience close to me.

Now that I selected the items I would have in my Time Capsule, I had to think about how I wanted to present this on social media. I definitely knew I wanted it to be on Instagram. I thought whether writing out each story would be the best option or doing a voiceover for each. At this point, I ended up overthinking the length of the story attached to each item. Would it make sense to do a post and type out the story in the captions or create a reel instead? Reels are about 30 secs while posts can use a 30 sec feature and also have a story written in the captions. I ended up going with a story instead because I liked the it flowed together without having to scroll or click too many times. I also added music to each of the story posts that I felt related to the story I told for each item. The project really took me through a short journey of my life.

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