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Time Capsule Part II

This week's assignment took me a lot longer to think about than the rest. I would normally have a clear idea of what I would like to make by the designated today I choose to create my project but this time wasn't the case. During the week, I thought in-depth about what I could make that would represent me and became a capsule that I would want to share. First, I thought about a capsule that had a dome-like shape and opened up like a flower. Since I'm so heavily in nature and plants, it would have been a great performance piece as well as visually pleasing for others.

This idea didn't pan out the way I intended because I also wanted the capsule to be see-through. I just didn't have the materials I needed to make this happen. The only materials in my reach that could give me the flexibility to make the shape and perform the way I needed it to were foil, cardboard, and possibly some type of plastic. Most of which did not offer a see-through feature. This feature was important to me because it's supposed to be a metaphor for seeing into my life or soul.

Then I thought "what about a shoebox?" By this time, I was trying to find something to start with. Yes, it was a bit ordinary and likely an overused idea but I figured I could make it work somehow. Cutting out the sides and the cover of the box and adding a hard plastic to it, giving a window into the capsule. So I found a shoebox, stared at it for a bit and didn't feel inspired to create from this medium. I'll admit I became frustrated because I felt as if I was running out of time. When the day came to create the capsule, I had no concrete idea of what I was going to do. I decided I needed to get dressed and find inspiration outside of my home. I wandered around the neighborhood, explored Target, an art store, etc. but it wasn't until I walked around Dollar Tree for about 20 minutes that I finally found some inspiration.

As I was walking, all I thought about are the features that were important to me which were for it to be see-through and have a dome-like shape. "So what has both of these features?" I pondered. And that is when it hit me, "those plastic bowls that you always see at a party!" They would usually contain either contain snacks or punch. So I quickly went to the aisle with the cups/bowls and found exactly what I was thinking and this is when the flood of ideas came in. I was on my way by this point. Once I pick up the bowl, I grabbed a match plate to add underneath it. This sparked the idea of making the inside of my capsule like an altar with all my meaningful items. The idea of the altar made it so much more special for me. I personally have an altar in my room and it keeps me grounded as well as connected spiritually. This became a key personal touch. So I also found a wicker reef, some candles, and rope that I figured could be used to carry the capsule or have it be "pulled out of the ground" when found. At this point, I had a clear view of my time capsule and I was ready to go home and put it together.

All the materials I gathered for this assignment were a plastic bowl, a wicker reef, ribbons, sage, candles, pearls, rope, clear quartz, plastic string, tape, and a glue gun.

First, I flipped the punch bowl over and attempted to disguise the bottom by adding pearls to the top of the dome and around the perimeter of it. Next, I measured out some rope and cut it to a reasonable size for a handle at the top. I was very pleased with it this moment and even added a few more of the pearls to hide any rough ends of the rope. I, then, attached the plate to the wicker reef, added candles, a bundle of sage, and the objects chosen with tape and a glue gun. Lastly, I just had to add the top of the dome to the wicker reef and it was complete. For this part, I looped some plastic string through the spaces in the wicker reef and secure of to the dome with glue and a pearl. I did this six times until the dome was securely fastened to the reef. And in the video below, you will see the completed product.

I'll say even though I felt more stressed with this assignment than the others, I did a great job and still maintained all the attributes I wanted. It embodies me entirely and I hope you enjoy it!

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