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Biomimicry - Waste Management: Part 4

Biomimicry is such a fascinating topic to explore and now that we (My group and I) are a couple of weeks into this project, we have been able to explore many existing research studies, designs, and products. There are some designs you'd never imagine were created using Biomimicry until it is explained and your mind bursts with excitement when trying to decipher the depth of imagination. This is how I felt when reading about and watching some of the designs that have been previously created. It also tells you how much more prepared the earth is to handle any obstacles brought forth. Using nature as a guideline has helped to solve many issues and created ease with daily living from simple inventions like velcro to building a train with a pointed nose like the beak of a specific bird to reduce the impact of noise when entering a tunnel near a neighborhood.

During our presentations over the past weeks, we received some feedback regarding similar apps and products that helped us to get an idea of where to steer our research. The feedback that stuck with me was regarding white space which I would love to explore further either within or outside of the project because I think it is such an interesting psychological factor. When you think about it, there are so many things that play a psychological factor when purchasing and interacting with products. During my research, it was explained that even the abundance of food in a supermarket or farmer's market will convince you to buy rather than if there are one or two apples sitting in a basket. The idea is that the last two pieces of fruit are the rejects and the more there is the more appealing it is. We can also apply this to the type of music that is played while shopping or the small items displayed before you get to a cash register that is usually unnecessary to buy.

I'd like to look into this further and understand the interaction of white space in a refrigerator. In a way, it actually reminds me of an article we read earlier in the semester called "Evocative Objects" because of the psychological attachment to certain objects and how they made the user feel in the moment. I'm also interested in looking into how many organizations are working to help improve waste management through Biomimicry. Of course, this is already a part of the research process for our project but I'd like to dig deeper afterward and explore at my leisure. This project has continued to open my eyes to the many ways you can improve our daily lives just by looking at nature and the creatures that were here before us.

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