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Let's Tell a Story!

In this week's reading, our lecture and readings focused on using your research to tell a story, user personas, and how to break down your research in a way that makes the information more digestible. Piantella's lecture was very helpful in that outlined step by step how to create an effective presentation that will keep your audience engaged. In the slide where she pointed out not using too much text, I definitely felt like she was speaking to me. I love to add as much information as possible but the reality of it is your audience probably won't be able to read it all before your next slide and using an image with very few bullet points is easier to remember and connect to. She also states not to speak too abstractly or pack too much into what you're saying which means to find your sweet spot, where you are giving just enough but not too much to where it's easy to get lost in your words.

I am very interested in creating user personas which for a while I thought were just user profiles you'd create for an actual person in your study but while reading the article 'Dam & Siang, Personas', I realized they were completed made up and there were 4 different types of personas you could choose. This included:

  • Goal-directed personas

  • Role-based personas

  • Engaging personas

  • Fictional personas

I imagine I will likely use more goal-directed personas for my research as it gets straight to the point and examine the workflow/process that we with be testing. The step for creating your persona has to do with 1. Data Collection 2. Analysis of Data 3. Personal Descriptions 4. Scenarios 5. Acceptance and involvement of the design team.

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