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Visualizing Recruitment Data

For my Quant Visualization model, I chose to present data from a dataset I've been creating since September of 2021. In this dataset, I documented the number of buyers and sellers I've recruited each month since I started my position at my company. Each of the small bottles either has pink or lime green beads in them. The lime green beads represent sellers and the pink beads represent buyers. Each bead represents a quantity of two. Above these small bottles are wooden beads. The number of wooden beads represents the month both the buyers and sellers were recruited. For ex. 9 beads represent the 9th month which is September. The large yarn circles represent if the buyers or sellers dominated that month. This is shown by the color of the circle.

UX Research Data Tracker
Download PDF • 79KB


  • Pink beads: Buyers

  • Lime-green beads: Sellers

  • Pink yarn: Buyers

  • Lime-green yarn: Buyers

  • Wooden beads: Month of the year

The materials I used were foil, multicolored yarn, wooden beads, pink and lime-colored beads, clear strings, miniature bottles, a glue gun, and a plastic board.

Creating this model took a bit of time as there were many iterations I considered before I chose this one. The small bottles are my favorite feature likely due to the compact and miniature size. It holds the most data but is the smallest in size on the model. The yarn circle took the longest to complete as gluing the layers took a lot of effort. I am quite pleased with the way this model came out as I feel the information for my dataset is well represented.

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